Trainee Stockbroker & Investment Manager

Following an expansion of our business, Gibraltar Asset Management Limited is looking to recruit a talented individual to join our team as a trainee Stockbroker & Investment Manager.

The successful candidate should possess an Honours degree and be able to display a demonstrable interest in the financial markets. We require candidates with high levels of numeracy, literacy, a strong eye for detail and the drive and ambition to succeed.

In return, our demanding Graduate Trainee Programme offers a variety of learning environments, professional qualifications and personal development needed to build a career in finance.

Working alongside seasoned stockbrokers, you will be sponsored through the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments stockbroking examinations (the Investment Advice Diploma) as well as the CFA’s Investment Management Certificate, the benchmark qualification for investment managers.

The successful applicant will receive a competitive starting salary, which will be increased with every examination passed. An annual bonus may also be paid, based upon individual and company performance.

The selection process will include a numeracy, literacy and financial knowledge test followed by an interview.

Please send your CV for the attention of the Managing Director, Mark Maloney, to World Trade Center, Suite 5.28, Gibraltar or email to

We are not accepting enquiries from recruitment agencies on this occasion.

Market Commentary May 2021

With April winding down, you can count on someone, somewhere saying, “sell in May and go away”. That pronouncement is mainly popular because it rhymes, but there is truth behind it. Since 1966 the All-Share index has delivered a total return after inflation of 7.9% on average from Halloween to May Day, but has lost an average of 0.6% from May Day to Halloween – even including dividends. This is because in March & April lighter evenings and warmer days cheer us up, which makes us more willing to take risks such as buying shares. So prices rise to high levels, which are difficult to sustain over the summer. Likewise, in the autumn the darker nights make us gloomier, with the result that prices fall to low levels from which they recover.

Gibraltar Chronicle April 2021

Our latest article on the stock market, as published in the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Market Commentary April 2021

America’s financial titans are coming to a consensus: We are on the early edge of the biggest economic boom since World War II, with the promise of years of growth after the containment of the pandemic. They might be wrong, but all point to the same data – this expansion will be kickstarted by trillions in spending from Presidents Trump and Biden, the Fed’s easy money, and piles of cash that consumers and companies accumulated during the COVID shutdown. This is likely to be a global phenomenon, because the Biden administration’s spending will have ripple effects around the world. Governments’ actions in response to the pandemic has raised global GDP growth by a full six percentage points, estimates the IMF, adding that “the global growth contraction last year could have been three times worse than it was”. Still, total output shrank so much – by a stunning 3.3% in total – that there’s now an unprecedented amount of slack in the global economy. In other words: The world has more potential upside than ever.

Gibraltar Chronicle March 2021

Our latest article on the stock market, as published in the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Market Commentary March 2021

There’s nothing like a week-long of selling to get the bullish juices flowing once again. After the S&P 500 set a new all-time high on 25th January, GameStop hysteria seized the market. A relatively small set of retail investors, embracing YOLO (“you only live once”), pushed the shares of the troubled retailer up ten-fold to unsustainable highs, an epic short squeeze that slammed multiple over-exposed hedge funds. Although the frenzy occurred amongst a small group of investors, fear grew that an equity asset bubble had been discovered, and broad selling took over. By the end of January, the S&P 500 had fallen 3.7%. Conveniently, the index closed right on its 50-day moving average. With investors concluding that GameStop was an isolated episode of madness, YOLO was pushed aside by FOMO (“fear of missing out”) and the market embarked on a strong recovery run.

New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of GAM’s new website This has significantly upgraded our last offering with an updated design that it is easy to read and improved performance on mobile phones and tablets. We would like to thank Nick Feek of Business Logic ( for the design and programming undertaken. We […]

Gibraltar Chronicle February 2021

Our latest article on the stock market, as published in the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Market Commentary February 2021

In 1849, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote, “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. Now, over 170 years later, technical analysts are using his prophetic statement to warn investors of a potential top. The stock market is indeed high and is characterised by typical market exuberance – whether it is historically low put/call ratios, record-high active investor equity exposure, record levels of margin debt or very high levels of bullishness on investment polls. At these times, it is worth recalling Humphrey Neill’s 1954 book, “The Art of Contrary Thinking,” where he wrote that the public is often right during the trend, but wrong at both ends.

Gibraltar Chronicle January 2021

Our latest article on the stock market, as published in the Gibraltar Chronicle.