Below is a list of funds that Gibraltar Asset Management regularly recommends. They are all traded on a stock exchange with tight spreads and can be bought and sold throughout the trading day. There are no subscription or exit fees levied by the fund management companies. The only cost related to buying and selling (bar stamp duty on some investment trust purchases) is the dealing commission levied by ourselves, as per our rate card.

The funds themselves have investment management and custody fees, which are reflected in the Total Expense Ratio (TER). The TER is expressed as a percentage and represents the annual cost of holding the fund, which is deducted from the fund’s assets. As an example, the Vanguard All-World ETF has a TER of 0.25%. A £10,000 investment in this fund will cost the shareholder £25 annually. The KID (Key Information Document) contains further information on the fund, including the level of risk.

We have conducted research on many of the recommendations and these notes are included for your information.


Ark Innovation ETFARKK ($)0.75%An actively-managed ETF that provides exposure to companies that develop new products or Services in DNA Technology, Industrial Innovation, Next Generation Internet and FintechN/A
Caledonia InvestmentsCLDN0.81%Exposure to global stocks & private equity
Dunedin Income GrowthDIG1.20%Investment Trust investing in UK blue-chips
Edinburgh WorldwideEWI1.02%Invests in a portfolio of global small caps
European Assets TrustEAT1.12%Invests in European mid & small caps
Fidelity European TrustFEV0.94%Invests in European equities
Fidelity Special ValuesFSV0.73%Invests in UK equities which the Investment Manager believes to be undervalued
First Trust Cloud Computing ETFFSKY, SKYU ($)0.60%Exposure to cloud computing sector
First Trust Global Equity Income ETFGINC0.60%Global income stocks combined with a ‘deep value’ approach
First Trust US IPO Index ETFFPX0.65%Tracks the 100 largest stocks on the US market, whose IPO dates back less than 1000 days
Global X China Consumer Discretionary ETFCHIQ ($)0.65%Invest in large and mid cap segments of the MSCI China Index that are classified in the Consumer Discretionary sectorN/A
Henderson Far East IncomeHFEL1.72%Invests in Asia Pacific income stocks & writes options
Global X Millennials Thematic ETFMILN ($)0.50%Invests in companies that have a high likelihood of benefiting from the rising spending power and unique preferences of the U.S. Millennial generation (birth years ranging from 1980-2000)N/A
Henderson EuroTrustHNE1.07%Invests in European large and mid caps
International BiotechnologyIBT1.9%Invests in high-growth biotechnology companies
Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller CosIPU1.14%Invests in a broad cross-section of small to medium sized UK quoted companies
iShares Ageing Population ETF
AGES, AGED (€), AGED ($)0.40%Diversified access to companies that specifically provide products or services to the world’s ageing population
iShares Automation & Robotics ETFRBTX, RBOT (€), RBOT ($)0.40%Diversified access to companies that are developing technology in the fields of automation and robotics
iShares Core Dax ETFESX1 (€)0.16%Direct investment into the 30 largest and most traded companies in Germany
iShares Core FTSE 100 ETFISF0.07%Targeted exposure to the 100 largest UK stocks
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFCSP1 (£), CSPX ($)0.07%Exposure to large cap US equities
iShares Emerging Markets ETFIEEM, IEEM (€), IDEM ($)0.18%Direct investment in a broad range of emerging markets companies
iShares Emerging Markets Minimum Volatility ETFEMV, EMV (€), EMMV ($)0.40%Diversified emerging markets exposure and seeks to minimise the market’s peaks and valleys
iShares Euro Stoxx 50 ETFCS51, CSX5 (€), ISX5 ($)0.10%Direct investment into the 50 largest Eurozone companies
iShares Euro Dividend ETFIDVY, IDVY (€)0.40%Exposure to diversified Eurozone companies with the highest dividend yields
iShares Eurostoxx Small ETFDJSC0.40%Direct investment into small capitalisation Eurozone companies
iShares Europe ex-UK £ Hedged ETFEUXS0.40%Diversified exposure to European companies, hedged back to GBP
iShares Europe Minimum Volatility ETFIMV, MVEU (€), IMVU ($)0.25%Diversified exposure to European companies and seeks to minimise the market’s peaks and valleys
iShares Europe Momentum Factor ETFIEFM, IEMO (€)0.25%Regional exposure with a focus on stocks that have been experiencing an upward price trend
iShares Europe SRI ETFIESG0.20%European cos screened for environmental, social & governance
iShares Global Clean Energy ETFINRG0.65%Exposure to renewable energy, energy security & grid energy storage
iShares Global Sustainability Screened ETF
IGSG, IGSG (€), IGSU ($)0.60%Exposure to a broad range of global companies which have been screened for their economic, environmental and social characteristics
iShares Global Water ETFIH200.65%Exposure to 50 global companies related to water businesses
iShares NASDAQ 100 ETFCNX1, CNDX (€), CNDX ($)0.33%Exposure to the NASDAQ 100
iShares S&P 500 Financials Sector ETF
UIFS, QDVH (€), IUFS ($)0.15%Exposure to the US financial services sector
iShares S&P 500 Minimum Volatility ETFMVUS (£), SPMV ($)0.20%Diversified exposure to US companies and seeks to minimise the market’s peaks and valleys
iShares UK Dividend ETFIUKD0.40%Exposure to 50 FTSE 350 companies with the highest yields
iShares USA Momentum Factor ETFIUMF, QDVA (€), IUMO ($)0.20%Direct investment in US companies that have been experiencing an upward price trend
iShares USA SRI ETFSUUS, SUAS (€), SUAS ($)0.20%Provides access to US markets through companies with outstanding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings and minimal controversies
iShares World Minimum Volatility ETF
MINV, MVOL (€), MVOL ($)0.30%Diversified exposure to developed companies and seeks to minimise the market’s peaks and valleys
iShares World Momentum Factor ETFIWFM, IWMO (€), IWMO ($)0.30%Global exposure with a focus on stocks that have been experiencing an upward price trend
iShares World SRI ETF

SGWS0.23%Provides access to global markets through companies with outstanding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings and minimal controversies
iShares World Value Factor UCITS ETF
IWFV, IWVL (€), IWVL ($)0.30%Direct investment in global equities which are undervalued relative to their fundamentals
JPMorgan AmericanJAM0.86%Invests predominantly in US blue chips
JPMorgan China Growth & IncomeJCGI1.69%Invests in companies from ‘Greater China’
JPMorgan Euro Smaller CompaniesJESC2.31%Aims to provide capital growth from a diversified portfolio of smaller European companies
JPMorgan Global Emerging Markets IncomeJEMI1.68%Provides a diversified income-oriented way to tap into the growth potential of global emerging markets
JPMorgan Global Growth & IncomeJGGI1.13%Invests in global companies with an emphasis on yield
JPMorgan Japan Small Cap Growth & IncomeJSGI1.35%Invests in Japanese small caps & pays an attractive yield
Law Debenture CorporationLWDB0.50%Invests in predominantly UK companies with a high yield supported by its IPS business
L&G Cyber Security UCITS ETFISPY, USPY ($)0.69%Exposure to cyber security solutions market
L&G Russell 2000 US Small Cap ETFRTWP, RTWO ($)0.30%Exposure to US small caps
Mercantile Investment TrustMRC1.44%Invests predominantly in FTSE 250 stocks
Murray Income TrustMUT1.15%Invests in UK blue chips, mid & small caps and generates income by writing options
NewRiver REITNRR0.00%Specialises in buying, managing and developing retail and leisure assets across the UKN/A
North American IncomeNAIT1.19%Aims to provide an above-average dividend income from S&P 500 companies
Pershing Square HoldingsPSH (£), PSHD ($)1.50%IT managed by legendary fund manager Bill Ackman. Invests in blue chip US stocks
Polar Capital TechnologyPCT1.74%Invests in a diversified portfolio of technology companies from around
the world
Roundhill Magnificent Seven ETFMAGS ($)0.29%Exposure to Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Tesla (AI beneficiaries)
Scottish MortgageSMT0.79%Invests in global equities and unquoted investments
Shires IncomeSHRS1.89%Invests in UK income stocks, preference shares & writes covered calls
SPDR UK Dividend Aristocrats ETFUKDV0.30%Invests in the 40 highest dividend-yielding UK companies that have followed a managed dividends policy of increasing or stable dividends for at least 7 consecutive years
Temple BarTMPL1.22%Invests in FTSE 350 value stocks
Troy Income & GrowthTIGT1.07%Invests predominantly in UK equities
Vanguard All-World ETFVWRL, VWRL (€), VWRD ($)0.25%Exposure to companies from developed and emg countries


3i Infrastrucure3IN3.93%Invests in a diversified portfolio of equity investments in entities owning infrastructure businesses and assets
Downing Renewables & InfrastructureDORE1.61%Invests in solar, hydro & wind renewable energy
Fair Oaks IncomeFAIR ($)1.56%Invests in US & European floating-rate senior secured bank loans
GCP Student LivingDIGS1.24%Invests in purpose-built, private student residential accommodation
Greencoat RenewablesGRP (€)2.02%Invests in renewable electricity generation assets in Ireland & Continental Europe
Greencoat UK WindUKW1.08%Invests in operating UK wind farms
HGCapital TrustHGT2.0%Invests in unquoted companies where value can be created through strategic & operational change
HICL InfrastructureHICL1.37%Invests in a diversified portfolio of lower-risk infrastructure investments
Hipgnosis Songs FundSONG2.82%Invests in a portfolio of song royalties
Impact Healthcare REITIHR1.66%Provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of healthcare real estate assets
JLEN Environmental Assets GrpJLEN2.19%Investment Trust invested in wind, solar, waste & water projects
Patria Private Equity FundPPET0.95%Invests a diversified portfolio of private equity funds and private companies
Princess Private Equity HoldingPEY (€)4.25%Invests in a diversified portfolio of private equity and private debt direct investments
Regional REITRGL2.83%Real Estate Investment Trust investing in UK regional offices
Schroder European Real EstateSERE4.89%Invests in commercial real estate in Continental Europe
SLF Realisation Fund Ltd C SharesSLFX1.75%Invests in a diversified portfolio of equipment leasing and asset finance
Tritax Big Box REITBBOX2.40%Invests in large logistics warehouses (Big Boxes) in the UK
Tritax EuroboxEBOX, BOXE (€)5.53%Invests in European distribution & logistics real estate assets
TR PropertyTRY1.35%Invests in listed pan-European real estate companies

Fixed Interest

BioPharma CreditBPCR1.40%IT investing in life sciences product-backed loans
CQS New City High Yield FundNCYF1.55%Invests in high yielding fixed interest securities
CVC Income & GrowthCVCG, CVCE (€)2.78%IT investing in loans, high yield bonds & structured credit
GCP Asset Backed IncomeGABI1.38%Invests in a diversified portfolio of loans secured against assets across a range of sectors predominantly within the UK
Henderson Diversified IncomeHDIV1.43%Invests predominantly in a diversified portfolio of global fixed income assets including secured loans, government bonds, high yield corporate bonds (~60%), unrated corporate bonds, investment grade corporate bonds (~30%) and asset backed securities
Invesco Bond Income PlusBIPS1.00%IT investing in predominantly in high-yield bonds
iShares £ Ultrashort Bond ETFERNS0.09%Diversified exposure to very short maturity sterling bonds
iShares Emg Mkts Local Gov Bond ETFSEML, SEML (€), IEML ($)0.50%Exposure to local ccy emerging market government bonds
iShares Global HY Corp Bond £ Hedged ETFGYHS0.55%Diversified exposure to high yield bonds, hedged to GBP
Real Estate Credit InvestmentsRECI2.45%Invests in real estate debt secured by commercial or residential properties, primarily in the UK
Starwood European Real Estate FundSWEF1.76%Invests in a diversified portfolio of real estate debt investments in the UK and the EU
TwentyFour Income FundTFIF0.86%IT investing in European Asset Backed Securities