The S&P 500 has rebounded over 4% from its 2022 lows. But from a technical perspective, it is far too early to call the bottom. For this we need to see a huge improvement in the percentage of stocks trading above their 200-day averages. Unfortunately for investors seeking to call the bottom, that takes time. Price tends to run away from investors at a bottom, and often you will hear investors say that they will wait for the next pullback that never comes. The market does not let you in but rather just locks the door. News flow at the bottom tends to be terrible and those waiting for the all-clear sign on headlines will likely be disappointed as the market discounts better news in the future. Bad news is bought, which can be confusing to many – especially those that have not been through numerous bull/bear cycles. Generally, stock market lows are found when some type of bottom formation is seen, and the bullish breakout coincides with the break of the bear-market trendline. Quite simply, it’s a succession of higher highs and higher lows.