Market Commentary April 2014

Please find this month’s Market Commentary newsletter which contains our view on the stock market based upon fundamental and technical analysis along with some recommended investments for the current market.

Last month we advised investors “Following such a large rise in the market, we feel that technically the equity markets are due a correction. The equity markets will also take into account the current geo-political factors. Russia’s military intervention in Crimea will almost certainly raise the fear levels and create what markets hate most – uncertainty.

The market subsequently fell 211 points (3%), though at one stage was as much as 4.6% down. The VIX spiked to over 18% as the Crimean situation developed and gold did what it was supposed to do. Our only recommendation last month was a bond – the Paragon 6% 05/12/20, which gained 2.3%. Our recommendation from the “Quarterly Trading Strategy”, Weir Group, finished 20% up over the quarter.