Market Commentary January 2013

Please find this month’s Market Commentary newsletter which contains our view on the stock market based upon fundamental and technical analysis along with some recommended investments for the current market.

Since our last market commentary, in which we reverted to a neutral stance on the markets and advised sticking with investments with a decidedly defensive bias, the FTSE 100 has enjoyed one of its best Januaries on record, rising 378 points (6.4%). Precious metals pretty much marked time as investor fear fell dramatically with the volatility index now standing at just 14.3% – at multi-year lows.

Despite this, our predominantly defensive recommendations from last month performed incredibly well with BG up 13%, BP up 12.5%, BATS up 5.2%, United Utilities up 10.9% and Vodafone up 10.9%. The average gain was a whopping 10.7%, far outperforming the wider market.