GAM’s 25th Anniversary

This year is a historic one for Gibraltar Asset Management Limited. After celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our membership of the London Stock Exchange in April, we now are celebrating the Firm’s 25th Anniversary. Twenty five years may not sound a lot to many but in this business, as you can imagine, even the last five years have seemed like a lifetime to the average stockbroker. And things were no rosier in 1987 when the Firm was incorporated on the 19th of October. The following day, global stock markets promptly crashed. Our predecessors then spent the next several years trying to stop the exodus of clients. Happily, GAM survived and despite bubbles, recessions and crises, we have gone on to thrive. In 1987, our office was unrecognisable from the one you see today. We were connected to the stock exchange through a Ceefax screen, a telephone and a fax machine! – a far cry from today’s electronic trading platforms. The way we interact with our clients has also changed. Contract notes, once hand-written onto a piece of paper, have long since been replaced by email confirmations, online dealing and online access that provides our clients with up-to-the-minute valuations of their portfolios. Only this year, we have revolutionised the way we communicate with our clients with the launch of a new website, a Facebook page and a Twitter service, that allow our clients to follow the markets and our investment recommendations in real time. However, what has not changed over the last 25 years, and indeed, what sets us apart from our competitors, is our independence, our integrity and the trust that is established between our stockbrokers and investment managers and our clients. Indeed, the business has been built on the sound foundations of strong investment performance and excellent client service. This has seen the firm continue to go from strength to strength and has seen our client base double since 2007, a period which has been characterised by the most serious crisis since World War II. To celebrate this milestone, we are pleased to be sponsoring the Gibraltar Philharmonic Society in a unique baroque concert where The European Baroque Players will be playing the works of such great composers as Handel, Bach, Vivaldi and Telemann. The event will take place on Monday 19th November at 8pm at the Convent Ballroom.